Ballad for Flugelhorn and Jazz Ensemble

Ballad for Fluegel Horn [i.e., Flügelhorn] and Jazz Ensemble

The score for this chart.

Ballad for Fluegel Horn and Jazz Ensemble was first written in 1962, completed on October 27. Alfred continued to revise the piece, completing another version on November 15, 1978, and a final version on October 25, 1984. He scored the chart for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 5 trombones, and a four-piece rhythm section, all underneath the flugelhorn soloist. The second version was recorded at the Süddeutsche Rundfunk, with the Stuttgart Big Band and Aak Van Rooyen as the flugelhorn soloist; the third version was premiered by David Baker’s jazz ensemble at Indiana University in 1985. Alfred used this final version and performance by Baker to attempt to publish the piece through Boosey and Hawkes.