The New When Tubas Waltz

The New "When Tubas Waltz"

The first page of this revised waltz, published by Tuba-Euphonium Press.

Friend and colleague of Symphonia conductor Winston Morris, Alfred Bartles has composed a musical sequel to his ever popular “When Tubas Waltz,” which was also originally composed for Mr. Morris. The composer states, “A long time ago – it seems like another life now – I was privileged to write for my friend R. Winston Morris a jazz waltz in scherzo form for tuba quartet (2 euphoniums and 2 tubas). The work enjoyed success, subsequently being performed across America and Europe to as far away as Japan. Recently it occurred to me the time had come for a sequel to this former piece. With this new one, I enlarged the quartet to a sextet, but kept the jazz waltz scherzo form. The new offering has thicker harmonies and more complicated counterpoints than the first one but why not? Tuba playing has had over a quarter of a century to develop in the meantime. The dedication however has changed:  for it is still written FOR Winston but, this time TO Winston’s dear wife Bobbie. And so here is a wonderful version by Symphonia which portends of much fun for the future performers of this, ‘The New When Tubas Waltz.’”

~Program notes taken from liner notes of Symphonia Fantastique!, an album recorded by Winston Morris with his tuba group Symphonia