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Dr. Kuhlman wrote a letter to Mr. Howard Lehman Goodhart, dated July 5, 1951, expressing his gratitude for his gift of Philo material. Mr. Goodhart’s donation of 160 works (books and photostats) on the great Jewish philosopher Philo came about…
Dr. Kuhlman wrote this letter, dated December 25, 1944, to Mrs. Sara Lowenstein Teitltebaum, thanking her for a generous donation in memory of her husband, Henry Teitlebaum. Her gift funded the purchase of Dr. Ismar Elbogen’s collection.
Dr. Kuhlman wrote this letter, dated April 12, 1944, to Elbogen's wife Regina, to initiate negotiations to obtain the Elbogen library. A stream of correspondence between Kuhlman and Mrs. Elbogen led to the finalization of the purchase in December…
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