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Tiago Fernandes Maranhão and Brad Wright, both graduate students in the History PhD program, discuss their spring 2016 Dean’s Fellows project, exploring the ethnographic collection of the Manuel Zapata Olivella Collection.

Jenifer Dodd, a fall 2015, spring and summer 2016 Dean’s Fellow, talks about her work on Science and the Subject’s Perspective: The Vernacular Archive for the Normal Volunteer Patient Program. Jenifer helped make the materials discoverable in a…

Jennifer Alexander, a spring and fall 2016 Dean’s Fellow, talks about key findings in the Alfried Krupp Trial Papers, the tenth in a series of twelve military tribunals held in Nuremberg, Germany, at the end of the Second World War. The completed…

Alex Ayris discusses his role as a spring 2016 Dean’s Fellow in building a linked open data set for the study of the Middle East and to explore various means for visualizing and querying the data.
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