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  • Subject is exactly "Caruso, Enrico, 1873-1921--Portraits"
Enrico Caruso's image was used on his Victor record albums. Caruso’s huge popularity in the U.S. and Europe came in part from these recordings, beginning in 1904. Caruso's work with Victor showed surprising business acumen given his lack of formal…
Enrico Caruso joked around during a family vacation in the Hamptons shortly before his death in 1921. The humor evident in Caruso’s anecdotes matches the humor often demonstrated in the cards.
Enrico Caruso performed as Canio in Il Pagliacci the night this picture was made. As Canio, he played his signature role, a man betrayed by his beloved wife who must perform despite his pain. His ability to be both the entertainer and the tragedian…
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