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  • Subject is exactly "Child"
A girl in a white bonnet encircled in a pink frame and a background of apple blossoms. Color Print. Stamped and Franked.. Sent to Treviso Brazil
A girl with a crown of flowers carrying a tray of pink flowers. Color Print. Franked. and Stamped. Sent to Milan
Roma - Fontana di Trevi. The Trevi Fountain with an insert of Fittura di Van-Dyck (a young infant in a hat.) Color Print. Stamped and Franked.
Laitieres Flamandes. A soldier taking notes and talking to two women and a boy in front of a milk cart. Black and White Photograph. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Milan
Two girls in front of a milk cart pulled by muzzled dogs. Red scale photograph. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Milan
Girl in blue dress hold a branch of cherry blossoms sitting on a bicycle also decorated with blossoms. Stamp has been removed. Color print. Franked. but no stamp. Sent to Cindad
Child in Greek clothing holding up a torch and looking at a man. Color print. Not stamped or Franked. Sent to Monte Carlo
Child in robe painting a picture and holding a staff. Black and White Print. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Moscow


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