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Roma- Basilica e Piazza S. Pietro with an insert of the Stemma di S. Pietro. People walking outside the Basilica. Color Print. Stamped and Franked.
Roma - Pantheon d'Agrippa with an insert of Raffeaello. Tourists and the founatin outside of the Pantheon. Color Print. Stamped and Franked.
Panorama di Roma with an inset portrait of "Costume Romano." A fountain underneath trees with a woman standing next to it.Color print. Stamped and Franked.
Roma - S. Pietro in Vaticano. The fountain outside of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Color Painting. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Citta
Madison Square N.Y. City. Street cars and Carriages next to the fountain and tree of Madison Square. Color Print. Stamped but not Franked.. Sent to New York
Lake Scene Central Park N.Y. A shaded gondola being paddled past a crowd on land around a fountain. Color Print. Stamped (on the font) and Franked.. Sent to New York
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