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"Imaged on an Apple Macintosh computer. The basic composition of each page triplicated and modified for three color separation. Each modification printed out by an Apple Imagewriter for making negatives. Bobby…
An artist's book created by Ruth Laxson. Includes typographical illustrations composed of letters, lines, symbols, and drawings. Paint is applied to some images. Letterpress printed. Title in typographical vignette printed on cover. Bound in Japanese…
An artist's book made of two pamphlet-sewn signatures with stiff board covers. Combines drawn images and writings in stream-of-consciousness type format.

"The images were drawn on mylar and transferred to positive plates then printed off-set on…
An artist's book. Bound to black wrappers with metallic embossed, illustrated cover. Book consists of bright red, blue, and yellow prints with text on black paper.

Contains diary (16 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm)--in envelope inside back cover and one fold-out page.
Offset printed.
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