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This edition of the Syriac New Testament with a parallel Latin translation (1717) was edited by J. Leusden of Utrecht and C. Schaaf of Leyden, improving on the earlier edition of Aegidius Gutbier. Leusden’s work had only progressed to the middle of…

Aegidius Gutbier (1617-1667) was a professor of Oriental languages in Hamburg, Germany and one of the preeminent European scholars of Syriac of the early modern era. Gutbier’s scholarship reflected a Protestant interest in Syriac Christianity as a…
This leaf from a Bible made in Paris in the mid 13th century has the end of the Prologue to the Old Testament Book of Isaiah and the beginning of the Book of Isaiah itself. The initial V for the opening words of the book, “Visio Isaiae” (“The vision…
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