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Closest facility analysis showing the transit density from Nashville to several settlements in the US, Spanish and Indian territories during the late eighteen century. Map based on Joseph Purcell 1794 map.

Vance et al. - 1826 - Map of Kentucky and Tennessee compiled from the l.jpg
Statistical table by state and status (white, free black, slave) in 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820 given. Occupational status shown for 1820.


Rhea, Matthew and Coyle, Randolph - 1834 - Map of the Cumberland River from the Falls to Nash.jpg
Made to accompany a Report on the Improvement of that Stream for the navigation of it by Steam Boats; in obedience to a Resolution of Congress dated April 26, 1834 by Howard Stansbury, U.S. Assist. Civ Eng.; Taken from Matthew Rhea Map of Tennessee…

Mitchell et al. - 1846 - A new map of Tennessee with its roads and distance.jpg
Map showing canals, roads, railroads, and rivers. Also table of distances and Insets of Nashville and Knoxville.

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Keenan and Ramsey - 1853 - Map of Cumberland & Franklin as refered to in Ram.jpg
Reprint of an 1853 map of Tennessee, paying especial attention to the Cumberland and Franklin regions of the state. It shows landforms, drainage, cities and towns, trails and roads. Immediately adjacent portions of neighboring states are also shown.
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