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A blonde woman with long braids in a traditional Swiss outfit holding a shepherd's crook. Sent to Milan
French Army illus in front of l'Arc de Triomphe. Color painting. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Russia?
Day at the beach in Ostend Belgium. Mostly two toned. Stamp has been removed. Tinted photograph. Stamped and Franked. Sent to Castello
"Military and hunting" postcards collected by Caruso display idealized masculinity and strength to the viewer. This postcard comes from a series of German soldiers with detailed styles of historical uniforms, as opposed to the action of the troops.…
This landscape postcard was sent to Enrico Caruso by his common law wife, Ada Giachetti, in 1900. "Landscape and flower" postcards show rustic country sides, leafy orchards and bouquet after bouquet of flowers. These images tend to evoke the romance…
The "women and fashion" section of the postcard collection speaks to images of women in popular culture. Women rode bicycles, played sports and lived actively, as other cards in this collection show. These idealized views of women sent to Caruso…
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