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Bartles Concert Program.pdf
The program for the Blair School of Music's concert Honoring the Life of Composer Alfred H. Bartles: A Tribute Concert.

A letter from Alfred H. Bartles to Bill Daniels, in which he describes his thought process behind his orchestration of the Berg Piano Sonata, Op. 1.

Bartles_Lindsay_Rhythm Sheets_I Love New York.pdf
Lyric sheets sent by Bryan Lindsay to Alfred H. Bartles. Above the lyrics, Bartles has written tentative rhythms for the tunes he will later write for the lyrics. The tunes shown are "I Love New York," "It's Always Darkest Just Before The Dawn," and…

A letter from Alfred H. Bartles and Bryan Lindsay to the DJ and manager of a radio station. The letter was sent with two recordings - one of "Come Ride the Wind With Me" and one of "Miss Amanda Lee" - with a request that they be played on the radio.

A newspaper clipping from the Nashville Banner reviewing the premiere performance of Alfred H. Bartles' Music for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble.

Bartles-Del letter January 1981.pdf
Letters between Alfred H. Bartles and former Blair School of Music dean Del Sawyer, regarding the merger of the Blair School with Vanderbilt University and a job request by Alfred.

Bartles-Lindsay letter.pdf
A letter from Alfred H. Bartles to his friend and lyricist, Bryan Lindsay.

Bartles-Lienau letter 1985.pdf
Letters from Alfred H. Bartles to Dr. Robert Lienau regarding the former's orchestral transcription of Alban Berg's Piano Sonata.

Writer and humorist Ogden Nash, 1902-1971, writes to Russell of how he enjoyed Bury Me in an Old Press Box. Russell authored seven books, three of them on sports humor. This 1957 semi-autobiographical work became a bestseller. The Vanderbilt…

A compilation of Fred Russell’s coverage of a libel suit filed by Georgia’s head coach Wally Butts, 1905-1973, against The Saturday Evening Post. He sued for libel an Atlanta jury awarded Georgia Athletic Director Wally Butts $3.06 million in damages…
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