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An image from the book Miracles de Nostre Dame, digitized by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, where the book is currently held.
The Cumberland River flooded again in January of 1937, a record flood year for the Cumberland, Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers that has been described as the worst disaster in American history to that date. Snow, sleet and over 21 inches of freezing…
Edison Record ad, showing cylinder and phonograph.
Spice containers are used during the Havdalah ceremony, which marks the closing of the Shabbat and other holidays. The spices (in Hebrew, besamim) are stored in a dedicated container. Their smell should be sweet. Traditionally the spices include…

This modern brass oil lamp from Kerala, India is used for light during celebration of the “Divine Mysteries” (the Sunday Eucharistic worship service). Similar oil lamps can be traced back to the Syriac churches of Late Antiquity. Fire holds deep…
Menorahs are lamps with eight small oil fonts and a candle socket, one for each day of observance of the festival of Hanukkah. The candle socket, called the shamash or server, is used for lighting the others.
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