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A compilation of Fred Russell’s coverage of a libel suit filed by Georgia’s head coach Wally Butts, 1905-1973, against The Saturday Evening Post. He sued for libel an Atlanta jury awarded Georgia Athletic Director Wally Butts $3.06 million in damages…

Fred Russell stopped practicing law in 1929 to work for The Nashville Banner. He first was assigned to the police beat and then in September 1929 was assigned to cover Vanderbilt Football, succeeding Ralph McGill, who had moved to The Atlanta…

Writer and humorist Ogden Nash, 1902-1971, writes to Russell of how he enjoyed Bury Me in an Old Press Box. Russell authored seven books, three of them on sports humor. This 1957 semi-autobiographical work became a bestseller. The Vanderbilt…

Shows the boundaries of each of the above provinces extend from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River. Also shows towns along the coast, Indian villages and tribal territory, forts principal rivers, and relief.

A Map of the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia; Comprehending the Spanish Provinces of East and West Florida: Exhibiting the Boundaries as fixed by the late Treaty of Peace between the United States and the Spanish…

Map of the state of Kentucky : with the adjoining territories. It shows the Ohio River, Cumberland River and Tennessee River and its ributaries

Tanner - 1841 - A new map of Tennessee  with its roads and distan.jpg
Published in A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics Of The World. With a special map of each of the United States, Plans of Cities &c. Comprehended in seventy sheets and forming a series of One…


Gray and O.W. Gray & Son - 1876 - Gray's new map of Kentucky and Tennessee.jpg
Atlas Of The United States, With General Maps Of The World. Accompanied By Descriptions Geographical, Historical, Scientific and Statistical.


Royce - 1884 - Map of the former territorial limits of the Cherok Plate VIII.jpg
From the Map legend: Map of the former territorial limits of the Cherokee "nation of" Indians exhibiting the boundaries of the various cessions of land made by them to the colonies and the United States.
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