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Central Park with Majestic Hotel & Dakota Ap. N.Y. City. A bridge over the lake in Central Park. Color Print. Stamped and Franked.. Sent to New York
The Nuremberg Chronicle is an outstanding achievement among early printing. Anton Koberger printed the work with cast-lead moveable type and like most of the earliest printers, he copied some of the conventions current in hand-written books. Koberger…

 This unusual book contains mementos from the Royal Bourbon Family. Within these pages, the reader will come across carefully preserved locks of hair from certain members of the Bourbon family. Often a nostalgic practice for parents to remember their…
This leaf from a Bible made in Paris in the mid 13th century has the end of the Prologue to the Old Testament Book of Isaiah and the beginning of the Book of Isaiah itself. The initial V for the opening words of the book, “Visio Isaiae” (“The vision…
This map shows the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) derived from light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data used for the 3D print of the Cumberland river running through Nashville. Data was provided by the Nashville Metro government.
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