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A collection of Spanish folktales, this book was first published during the Spanish Civil War. The illustrations in this book depict the Spanish characters in traditional garb, such as the mantilla worn by the woman on the far right.
Although considered two of the most iconic figures in American literature, Tar Baby and Uncle Remus are also two of the most controversial. These characters originate in African American folklore, documented by Joel Chandler Harris in the post-Civil…'Linn-01.jpg
Irish culture is synonymous with folksongs and storytelling. The story of Brian O'Linn is an example of how the Irish preserved their culture through oral dissemination. S. Rosamond Praeger provides a literary interpretation of this famous story,…

One of the most revered and controversial novels in American literature, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn tells the exploits of young Huck Finn and his companion Jim. Most of the controversy related to the novel revolves around the issue of race.…

Inspired by the residents of downtown Los Angeles, Leo Politi created the character of Pedro, the Angel of Olvera Street. Politi's book portrays the Mexican American culture which influenced his own development as an artist.

A pioneer in depicting multiculturalism in children's literature, Ezra Jack Keats provided the illustrations to this story about the everyday life of a young boy and his family in Cambodia. This book was released shortly after Keats' groundbreaking,…

Unlike the depiction of Jesus Christ, a figure portrayed frequently in children's literature, this is the first time the Prophet Muhammad has been depicted in a children's book. Respecting the Islamic tradition of never portraying the prophet with a…
Mei Li, honored as one of the first Caldecott winners, tells the story of a young Chinese girl out to prove to her brother that anything he can do, she can do better. Thomas Handforth's work at the time challenged not only traditional gender roles,…

Marisol McDonald is no ordinary girl. She has brown skin, red hair, and is a soccer-playing pirate- princess. As a biracial child with a diverse group of friends, Marisol is truly a modern day American kid.

Joan Kiddell-Monroe's beautiful illustrations accompany a collection of Japanese folktales compiled and translated by Helen and William McAlpine for Oxford University Press. Kiddell-Monroe's illustrations emulate the style and technique of…
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