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The first page of a jazz scherzo for a tuba quartet consisting of two euphoniums and two tubas. The piece was written for R. Winston Morris and his Tennessee Tech Tuba Octet at Tennessee Technological University.

The first page of a revised edition of Bartles' When Tubas Waltz. This piece was written in its final form for R. Winston Morris and the Tennesee Tech Tuba Octet in 2000.

This score was originally composed by Bartles in 1966 for John F. "Del" Sawyer and the Peabody Jazz Ensemble. It was revised in 1973 for the Stuttgart Radio Big Band and Aak van Rooyen and later in 1984 for Dave Baker and the Indiana University Jazz…

Bartles Concert Program.pdf
The program for the Blair School of Music's concert Honoring the Life of Composer Alfred H. Bartles: A Tribute Concert.

Foster - 1877 - Map of the city of Nashville and vicinity (1).jpg
Map of the city of Nashville and the vicinity compiled from official records and the latest surveys.

A photograph of Alfred H. Bartles playing his cello.

A newspaper clipping from the Nashville Banner reviewing the premiere performance of Alfred H. Bartles' Music for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble.

A photograph of Alfred H. Bartles (far left) playing jazz piano with Dick Bluntz and his big band.
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