Curtis Howe Walker Papers


Curtis Howe Walker Papers


Curtis Howe Walker, Ph.D. was on the faculty of Vanderbilt University as a Professor of European History, 1927-1947; Director of Social Science Orientation Course, 1929-1933, and Professor Emeritus of European History, 1948-1956. The collection contains his 1905 thesis from Yale University, outgoing/incoming correspondence, a manuscript, some class notes, 70 photographs, a postcard collection [related to European travel depicting medieval architecture and religious themes], and 47 lantern slides. In addition, the collection contains the correspondence between members of his mother’s family, the Johnston’s, during the Civil War; a scrapbook, and Turkish pictures presented to his mother when she came to America in 1853.



Items in the Curtis Howe Walker Papers Collection

[Notre Dame de Paris]
Architectural portraits of medieval buildings often popularize restorations. When Victor Hugo made the cathedral famous in his novel, Notre-Dame de Paris (1831), he described a building that had been badly damaged during the French Revolution. It was…