Jesse E. Wills Fugitive and Agrarian Collection


Jesse E. Wills Fugitive and Agrarian Collection


The Jesse E. Wills Fugitive/Agrarian Collection is a collection of books by and about the Fugitive and Agrarian literary movements that started at Vanderbilt University in the 1920s. Jesse Wills, a member of the Fugitive literary group and Chairman of the Board of Trust from 1967 to 1976, was the primary founder of this addition to the department and actively sponsored the acquisition of materials to support it. This world class collection contains the most comprehensive assemblage of materials relating to these two groups and is a center for their study.

Items in the Jesse E. Wills Fugitive and Agrarian Collection Collection

Chills and Fever: Poems
John Crowe Ransom (1888-1974) was a founding member of the Fugitives, a southern literary group of sixteen writers that was started at Vanderbilt University. He is considered to be a founder of the New Criticism school. In 1924, Chills and Fever was…

The Correspondence of Flannery O'Connor and the Brainard Cheneys
Flannery O'Connor's first novel Wise Blood was published in 1952. That same year, Brainard Cheney, a southern writer living in Nashville and associated with the literary movement known as the Agrarians, wrote an appreciative review which prompted…