John Fulton Collection


John Fulton Collection


John Fulton (1837-1932) was born a slave on Andrew Jackson's Hermitage estate in Hermitage, Tennessee, he came to Vanderbilt University to serve the famous IV Club, composed of four bachelor professors who kept house together in Wesley Hall. They were: William L. Dudley, Austin H. Merrill, J.T. McGill and W.T. Magruder. James H. Kirkland, destined to become chancellor, later joined the group. As members of the group married, there remained only William L. Dudley, and John Fulton became his private servant. He resided in a small room in the basement of Wesley Hall, where he entertained students by playing guitar, singing ancient ballads, and reading Uncle Remus stories to students, which is how he acquired the nickname "Uncle Remus." The collection is primarily photographs (some with inscriptions) from appreciative students who came to know Fulton during their four years on campus.



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