Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Papers


Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Papers


The Mosquera Papers were donated by noted Colombianist J. Leon Helguera in 2013. Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera, 1798-1878, was a seminal figure in 19th century Colombian history as a military leader, four-time president and diplomat.



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[Passport Created for Tomás Cipriano De Mosquera]
A passport created for Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera.

Alis Colombianos Conciudadanos
In this arguably disingenuous letter addressed to the citizenry of Colombia, Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera (1798-1878) disclaims any interest in serving as president for an additional term, and praises the qualities of another prominent figure. Despite…
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