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Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt was a Prussian naturalist and geographer who explored areas of Latin America between 1799 and 1804 under the recommendation of the King of Spain. His research led to his hypothesis that lands…

Histoire Naturelle: Générale et Particulière
Buffon's Histoire Naturelle was an undertaking on the scale of Diderot and D'Alembert's Encyclopedie. In this “Table of the Order of Dogs," Buffon presents his definition of species (against that of Linnaeus!) as beings defined by time, environment,…

Animal Locomotion: the Muybridge Work at the University of Pennsylvania, the Method and the Result
British photographer Edweard Muybridge pioneered work on animal locomotion using multiple cameras to capture motion in still photographs. After success as a photographer of the American West, Muybridge was sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania…

Phytologia: Or, the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening
Erasmus Darwin was a British physician, scientist, inventor and poet who originated the ideas of natural selection and photosynthesis. He published Zoonomia after 20 years of remaining silent due to public censure. His grandson Charles would further…

Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses. Most DNA forms two strands that wrap around each other to form a double helix.…

On Jewish Learning
Franz Rosenzweig’s collection of essays, speeches, and letters convey his commitment to bringing Jews back to their roots through adult Jewish education. As director of the Frieies Juedisches Lehrhaus in Frankfurt am Main, he was able to experiment…

A Christmas Gift
Recording companies issued “special editions” or “collector’s editions,” often just in time for the holidays. This item features a 3-D pop-up manger scene inside the cover of a Christmas album.

Introduction to Stereo
Stereo sound was introduced to the commercial market in 1958. This LP offers listeners a wide variety of selections designed to expose them to the full benefits of stereo, including orchestral works, works for organ, and even sound effects.

Schubert: The Complete Piano Sonatas
This album cover is a representative example of cover art for classical music produced during the 1970s. The cover is by Saul Lambert, and it is based on a detail of Kupelwieser's famous painting, "Party Game of the Schubertiads."

Bernstein Conducts Copland
First used for commercial recordings by Bing Crosby, reel-to-reel tape became the preferred recording medium for artists across all genres of music. The analog magnetic recording remained dominant until the development of digital audio technology
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