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The collection provides a resource for scholars to consult material about Charles Baudelaire's life, works, and related studies. Visiting scholars have the opportunity to research the collection in topics such as Baudelaire's influence on literature and the visual arts, urban history, modernity, synesthesia, and popular culture. The Bandy Center's most important holdings consist of: first editions of Baudelaire's works, journal and newspapers which first published his writings, collected editions of his works, materials on Baudelaire and related topics, translations of Baudelaire's works, and illustrated editions. The critical focus of the collection is an exhaustive bibliography of writings by and about Charles Baudelaire. Titles of books and ephemera in the Bandy Center are available through the W.T. Bandy Center Web site, Baudelaire database, and the library catalog,

Collection Items

Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonné des Sciences
Denis Diderot, a key figure in the advancement of Enlightenment philosophy, envisioned the project of the Encyclopedie with his collaborator Jean D’Alembert. The prospectus was accompanied by a diagram of the “Map of Human Knowledge” which Diderot…

Le bon jardinier
This charming and whimsical title page adds a splash of vibrant, flirtatiously bright color to an otherwise primarily technique-oriented book dedicated to outdoor pursuits such as the cultivation of gardens and maintaining beautiful flowers. Are…

Paris en miniature
This book was ornamented with particularly unique marbled endpapers. Focusing specifically on these endpapers, we can observed loose dotted and speckled spirals, featuring vibrant red, yellow, green, and blue. These colors were most prevalent during…

Voyages imaginaires, songes, visions, et romans cabalistiques
This book is the 17th volume in a compilation of fantastic stories about journeys to exotic, far-off places. As evidenced in the image, the oriental dress of the characters promises readers a taste of the exotic within the pages of the novel.…

La manière de bien penser dans les ouvrages d'esprit
The Way of Proper Thinking in Works of the Mind proposes stories, poems and texts of eloquence for readers who wish to educate themselves on literary content regarding the mind and intellect. Deeply rooted in Cartesian philosophy, the book’s goal, as…
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