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Items from External Sources


Items from External Sources


Items in this collection are from institutions, companies, groups, or private collections outside of the Vanderbilt community.

Collection Items

[Portrait of Nahum Glatzer]
Nahum N. Glatzer, a disciple of Franz Rosenzweig, succeeded Martin Buber in his chair at the University of Frankfurt in 1932. Glazter moved to the United States in 1938 and, after a series of academic posts, began teaching at Brandeis University in…

[B’Samin-Spice Box from Paris, France]
Spice containers are used during the Havdalah ceremony, which marks the closing of the Shabbat and other holidays. The spices (in Hebrew, besamim) are stored in a dedicated container. Their smell should be sweet. Traditionally the spices include…

[Chanukah Menorah from Poland]
Menorahs are lamps with eight small oil fonts and a candle socket, one for each day of observance of the festival of Hanukkah. The candle socket, called the shamash or server, is used for lighting the others.

[Leah Belle Levy Eskind]
Leah Belle Levy Eskind devoted her life to Jewish organizations such as the Council of Jewish Women and the United Jewish Appeal. Her service to the Nashville community found an appropriate commemoration in the advancement of the Judaica Collection.…

[Portrait of Henry and Sara Teitlebaum]
Henry Teitlebaum was the founder of Loveman’s retail clothing store and a leader of Nashville’s Jewish community. His wife Sara Lowenstein Teitlebaum was also a prominent member of that community. The Elbogens and Teitlebaums met in Europe in the…

[Torah Breastplate from Demopolis, Alabama]
A popular element often included in Torah decoration is the Torah breastplate, as pictured here. The Torah breastplate, or Torah shield, is an ornamentation hanging over the 'neck' of the atzei chaim (חיימ עצ tree of life), the wooden staves of…

Ballet Music from Faust, Part 2
Developed in 1902, the Edison Gold Moulded Cylinder was a significant advancement in recording technology. Rather than relying on inconsistent dubbing techniques, this technique created a metal mold from the original recording. A blank brown cylinder…

[Advertisement for The Edison Phonograph]
Edison Record ad, showing cylinder and phonograph.

[Hipparcos Data Set]
Shown here is an example visualization from Vanderbilt's Filtergraph tool applied to Hipparcos spacecraft data. Depicted is a so-called Hertzsprung-Russel diagram showing the relationships between stellar temperatures, luminosities, and sizes, and…

[Image of Cassiopeia]
This is a photo of the constellation Cassiopeia. One can see the center bar of the Milky Way Galaxy running through the middle of the image.
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