Bets Ramsey Collection


Bets Ramsey Collection


This collection consists of stereoscope cards that document the Boxer Rebellion in China.



Items in the Bets Ramsey Collection Collection

[Ketteler Street Peking, China]
In June 1900, anti-western riots in Peking and the 54-day siege of foreign embassies by Chinese militants made headlines. In this image of the foreigners' quarter, Ketteler Street has been renamed for the murdered German Minister Clemens von…

[YMCA Rooms for Allies, Peking, China]
James Ricalton photographed sites, survivors, and daily life in October 1900 in Peking after the rebellion for Underwood & Underwood. Troops posted in Peking found distractions at the YMCA with games, coffee, lunch, and books. The Y provided similar…

[Springless, Seatless Coach--Coal Hill, in Imperial City]
James Ricalton wrote of being the first westerner inside the Imperial City. He described the palace as “empty of nearly all portable articles” after the looting by Allied troops and missionaries. Ricalton wanted armchair travelers to experience…

[Typical Gateway over a Street in the Imperial City]
Stereographers often structured their images around a human in the foreground so viewers focused on a vanishing point. This allowed viewers to feel as if they were in the depths of the picture.

[Miss Smith, London Mission School, Peking, China]
Georgina Smith ran the London Mission’s girls’ boarding school inside the embassy quarter. Her success sheltering Chinese Christian refugees there earned her fame in the West. Mark Twain and other pundits loudly criticized the wholesale looting…

American Minister Conger, Peking, China
Ambassador Edwin H. Conger and his family, with civilians from eleven western diplomatic legations and over 2,500 Chinese Christians were besieged in the embassy district for 54 days in summer 1900. Protesting against western Christian intrusions in…