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  • Collection: James H. Stevenson Collection

Dr. James Henry Stevenson studied and translated contract texts from the British Museum, which are written in Assyrian and Babylonian cuneiform along with Aramaic inscriptions. Stevenson admits the cuneiform is difficult, but the Aramaic is far…

This is a messenger tablet probably was found at Umma. It is beautifully written and dated to king Šu-Sîn of Ur (c. 2037-2029 BCE). It’s written in Sumerian.

This tablet is from Umma. The seal mentions king Amar-Suʾen of Ur (c. 2046-2038 BCE). It’s written in Sumerian.

Tel Jokha Tablet 1.jpg
This tablet from Puzriš-Dagan (modern Drehem) is dated to king Amar-Suʾen of Ur (c. 2046-2038 BCE). It is a receipt given for three goats. It’s written in Sumerian.

Professor James H. Stevenson served on the faculty of Vanderbilt Biblical Department/School of Religion, now the Divinity School, from 1893 to 1919. He was the first scholar in the Biblical Department and an expert in biblical archaeology and the…
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